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Baits for Catching Carp

Fishing For Carp

Two Basic Tips for the Fishing Novice

Are you a fan of PC fishing games like Ocean Fishing, Championship Bass, or Fishing Craze? Or are you one of those who would like to experience the real deal? If you are not exactly an expert in the fishing world, then you are quite in luck. Here are just two easy-to-do tips and tricks for beginners to minimize fishing mistakes and maximize all the fun:

Know your fishing equipment

A common mistake by wannabe fishers is that they underestimate the importance of the fishing gear. In fact, this same scenario is often a mistake by pros in varying fields of sports. If you want to keep your fishing trip enjoyable, you should know the basic things you need for fishing. Generally, you would only need a reel, a rod and a line. For beginners, a perfect reel would be a simple fixed spool. It should be sufficient enough to keep up with heavy lures. As for the rod, it is best to pick something based on your target fish. So if you’d go for carp fishing, then buy a carp rod. Ideally, a 10 to 12 feet rod is suitable for learners. As for the line, you should use the traditional mono. This type is already strong enough to take enough breaking strain. And of course, do not forget your bait. A half pint of mixed maggots or worms should be more than enough for the trip.

Top Three Baits for Catching Carp

Below are three excellent baits perfect for catching carp with.


These tiny compressed food capsules work wonders for catching carp. You can either make your own or buy them in bulk online. It's up to you what you put in your pellets, it could be trout, salmon or even halibut. Just experiment and see which one works best. It's also a good idea to mix and match different sizes and varieties of pellets so you can create a more confusing baited area for the carp. But if you're buying your pellets, keep in mind that the more money a pellet costs, the better it is likely to be.

Tiger nut

Tiger nuts have a powerful smell which attract carp easily. They make a brilliant bait because not only do they release a strong aroma, but fish really like eating them too. When using a tiger nut as bait, use it on its own without the aid of any other bait. You can buy dry tiger nuts in bulk from stores like Haithes or Hinders. Alternatively, you could use the tinned versions.

Tiger nuts need to be prepared properly before they are used as bait. Soak the nuts for a day or two in water before bringing them to the boil. Then let them simmer for about half an hour before leaving them to soak in their juices for another 24 hours.

Tinned corn

Carps love corn. It is brightly coloured which grabs their attention, plus the corn’s taste and texture is very appealing to carp. The best corn to use is the tinned variety because it is high in sugar and salt which attract carp wonderfully.

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