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Flathead Mullet

Flathead Mullet -
Common Name: Flathead Mullet
Other Names: Flathead Harder
Scientific Name: Mugil Cephalus

Length: Average 70cm

Weight: Average weight of 1 - 2kg.

Habitat: Found in rivers and dams including farm dams that have some sort of natural food source.

Distribution: Widespread throughout South Africa and can be found worldwide.

Bait: Flathead mullet have a favourite food which is flying ants. They will also eat small shrimp, prawns, worms and other items. Mullet are scavengers and they will eat any floating scraps.

Description: Small fish, grey, silver in colour with a small mouth and thick, fleshy lips.

Fishing Strategy:
This species of mullet is regarded as a sport fish. They can provide an excellent fight on light tackle.

Eating Quality:
Excellent eating

  • Light tackle will make a good fight
  • Small hooks are recommended as the fish has a small mouth
  • Flathead mullets can be caught using fly fishing tackle

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