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Silver Catfish

Silver Catfish -
Common Name: Silver Catfish
Other Names: Butter Barbel
Scientific Name: Schilbe Intermedius

Length: 20 - 30 cm in length

Weight: Average weight of
0.4 - 0.5kg

Habitat: Silver catfish prefer to live in the safety of a shoal. They can be found in slow moving waters that are murky or filled with cover in the form of vegetation.

Distribution: This species can be found in the Zambezi system and southwards.

Bait: Silver catfish will feed on smaller fish and aquatic insects.

Description: This species is a light olive colour with yellow edged fins. It has a flattened head and four pairs of short barbels on it's head.

Fishing Strategy:
This species is renound for a good fight. The fishes fins have been known to lock in place when the fish is threatened. They are not poisonous as in the case of similar looking sea catfish.

Eating Quality:
Excellent eating

  • Light heavy will make a exciting fight
  • Small hooks will give best results

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