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Bait Fishing

Sardine/Pilchard -
Trolling with dead or live baits such as skipjack, small yellowtail and tuna or mullet can be a rewarding and fun time for all on board.

Bait trolling can target a variety of species, popular fish include billfish and marlin.
While fishing for such large fish it is vital to have all your equipment in top condition and be prepared to be pushed to the limit. Catching large game fish is an experience of a life time and a real adrenaline rush.

Smaller gamefish species such as juvenile Yellowfin tuna and Longfin yuna often feed on the baitfish that are found in the current line. Skipjack and juvenile Yellow fin tuna are the natural prey of marlin so trolling with a freshly caught specimen can be rewarding.

A deep sea fishng boat trolling -

Methods of Trolling

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Deep Sea Fishing - Trolling Methods

Conclusion of Bait Fishing

Bait is fishing is a different method of fishing and it has advantages as well as some disadvantages. You will have to choose the right method for your needs and that are based on the species you are targeting.

Remember to keep your hooks sharp!!

Good Luck

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