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Barracuda -
Common Name: Barracuda
Other Names: Couta, Giant Pike
Scientific Name: Sphyraena Barracuda

Habitat: This species wonders between reefs. They occur in shoals, with the occasional solitary individual. Juveniles found on shallow flats.

Distribution: Indian Ocean, reefs

Bait: Barracuda eat a variety of fish. Large barracudas herd shoals of fish into shallow water where they then gorge themselves. 

Fishing Strategy: The Great barracuda is the largest of the barracudas and is normally found in shoals, but loners can be found around reefs. The teeth of these fish are long and sharp which they use to tear into flesh so the use of a wire trace is essential.

Eating Quality: Barracuda are normally caught for the fight and then returned.

  • Wire trace is essential
  • 10 - 16kg line
  • Sturdy Rod

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