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Bronze Bream

Bronze Bream -
Common Name: Bronze Bream
Other Names: John Brown
Scientific Name: Pachymetopon Grande

Habitat: Shallow, Rocky coastlines. They mainly swim in shallow water, but can be found in water as deep as 20 meters.

Distribution: From Cape Agulhas up into Mozambique

Size: Mature Specimens have been recorded at 40 - 45cm

Bait: Bronze Bream have a natural vegetarian diet and so they will not take bait as readily as other species. They will take soft bait such as pink prawn, rock lobster or white mussel if it is well presented.

Fishing Strategy: This fish often strips the bait off the hook before the angler has realised. The angler needs to try and set the hook when he feels tugging on the line.

Eating Quality: Very white flesh, often fatty. 

  • 12 - 14kg line
  • Bronze Bream have small mouths so hook size is 1/0 or 2/0
  • Small rod of about 3.5m or standard beach rod will work

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