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Blue Marlin On!

Fighting Blue Marlin

Blue Marlin Being Tagged

Holding Blue Marlin's Fin

Angler: Roye O’Brien
Fish: Blue Marlin
Weight: 200kg+
Place: Hemmingways, Kenya
Date: 28 Feb 2014
Common Carp 7.1kg caught by JR Smith

Angler: JR Smith
Fish: Common Carp
Weight: 7.1kg
Muscle cracker 12.35kg

Fish: Muscle cracker
Weight: 12.35kg
Location: Caught in Witsands
Tackle: Awa shima fishining line 0.50 - Caught on pink prawn
Large 14 kg baracuda

Angler: Stuart Frangenheim
Fish: Baracuda
Weight: 14kg
Location: Madagascar
Grouper caught by Franky

Angler: Franky
Fish: Grouper
Weight: 5 Kg
Place: Bontang - East Borneo, Indonesia
Date: March, 2010
Great Garrick
Angler: Dirk Smith
Fish: Garrick
Place: Orange Rocks, St Micheal’s
8Kg ; 6.8Kg; 5.6Kg Kob
Anglers:  Andre;Marthinus;Martin
Fish: Kob
Place: Breede river
Date: 2008
Tackle: Light
Line: Light
Weights: 8Kg ; 6.8Kg; 5.6Kg
Spotted Grunter

Angler: Rishal  
Fish: Spotted Grunter
Weight: 3 Kg
Place Caught: Durban Bay
Tackle: Loomis 13ft sl30
Line: 20lb k/f high abrasion
Kob - 6.0Kg and 6.5Kg

Angler: Lorentz von Czapiewski     
Fish: Kob
Place Caught: Hole in the wall ( Eastern Cape )
Date Caught: 29 December 2008
Tackle: 13 Ft Heavy rod
Line: 18Lb King Fisher super abrasion
Weight: 6.0Kg and 6.5Kg
Giant Sand Shark - 31Kg

Angler: Thomas Finney
Fish: Giant Sand Shark
Location: Warner Beach, KZN
Weight: 31 kg
Length: 178 cm
Fight: 30 minutes
Bait: whole mackerel
Tackle: Posieden 4 rod ( extra heavy tip ), Shimano Tourium 30 reel, .50 Kingfisher giant abraision, 1 mm leader.
Released: Yes

10.5 Kg Dorado

Angler: Gareth Roocroft
Fish: Dorado
Date Caught: April 2008
Weight: 10.5 Kg
Location: Mauritius
Spotted Grunter

Angler: Rishvaan D
Fish: Spotted Grunter
Date Caught: 23 Nov 08
Weight: 1.75 Kg
Location: Winklespruit

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