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Fishing Attractions Around Cape Town

As South Africa has over 3,000 km of beautiful coastline, it's no surprise that it is a nation with a worldwide reputation for its excellent fishing opportunities.

And Cape Town not only has some spectacular scenery, but it also offers a treasure trove of crystal clear waters for the fishing enthusiast to try and hook a magnificent catch.

Hout Bay

Hout Bay Fishing

One of the best known fishing spots around Cape Town has to be Hout Bay. As one of the busiest fishing harbours in the Western Cape, the picturesque town offers the perfect opportunity to experience the best in South African fishing.

The harbour has a well-established snoek, crayfish and tuna industry, and the white sandy beach on the sheltered bay offers the chance to pass the hours in a highly relaxed setting. Furthermore, there are several high-class restaurants and fresh fish outlets to experience a mouth-watering selection of the ocean's fish.



This charming coastal town lies just outside of Cape Town and has a great selection of wildlife to discover. Kommetjie has become famous for its excellent crayfishing, but a range of galjoen and steenbras can also be caught from the rocks in the surrounding locale.

Furthermore, the town is situated close to Cape Town, so that you can enjoy the city's enchanting bars, restaurants and casinos after a hard day's fishing. Or if you merely want to retire back to your room, you can still head online and visit Yebo Yes Casino where there’s an array of casino games to help you unwind in style!

Cape Point

Cape Point

The mountainous cliffs that form Cape Point also offer some great fishing opportunities and it is often thought to be the place where the Atlantic and Indian Oceans meet. As such, it can yield some fantastic catches with yellowfin and bluefin tuna being fairly commonplace around False Bay. A word of warning however, as unpredictable waves can make angling from the rocks somewhat dangerous and the area has also gained a fearsome reputation for its great white sharks.

Deep Ocean Fishing

Deep Ocean Fishing Cape Town

And finally, no discussion of fishing in South Africa would be complete without a mention of the wonders of deep ocean fishing that are easily accessible from Cape Town.

Companies such as Big Blue Fishing Charters offer great excursions out into the ocean where you can enjoy the wonders of life on the waves as cob, yellowtail and cape salmon circle underneath. And with tuna in the region sometimes reaching 120 kg, it will leave you with a breathtaking impression of this fantastic fishing location.

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