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Fishing For Mudfish

Mudfish are small freshwater species. They are similar to Yellowfish, but smaller. Due to their small size, they can be a challenge to hook. Mudfish are mainly bottom feeders. Their favourite foods include algae, scavenging in the mud and hunting small aquatic insects. Mudfish are under extreme threat and a so a catch and release system is highly recommended.

Mudfish spawn in summer normally after heavy rains when mature specimens will travel upstream to find a suitable breeding site.  

Medium to light tackle is normally used for these shy, small and hard fighting fish. Knowing when to strike is a problem as their small mouths provide a very limited target area. The lighter your line and smaller your hook, the better chance you will have to hook a mudfish. Hook sizes can be between 14 and 10.

Mudfish Profiles

For more information on Mudfish species such as length, weight, pictures, descriptions, and fishing strategy click on the species name below:

Moggel - Moggel
Silver Labeo - Silver Labeo
Purple Labeo - Purple Labeo

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