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Fishing For Mullet

Even though mullet are regarded by many anglers as bait fish, they can be a challenge to hook due to the mullets shy nature. Mullet have the super advantage of being able to live in either salt of freshwater. They can normally be found in brackish water which is a mixture of salt and freshwater. Mullet will live close to shore in shoals. Young mullet will form large shoals for protection against predators. Mullet can be located by disturbances on the waters surface and jumping fish. When mullet are feeding on the bottom they will turn on their sides that will flash a bright silver colour that can be seen in clear water.

Anglers need to care for all mullet species as the mullet population is under threat.

Mullet Profiles

For more information on Mullet species such as length, weight, pictures, descriptions, and fishing strategy click on the species name below:

Flathead Mullet - Flathead Mullet
Largescale Mullet - Largescale Mullet

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