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Fishing For Tigerfish

Tigerfish are a prized species when freshwater fishing. Tigerfish have a respectable reputation. The thought of a tigerfish fighting, with fierce striking and a leap out of the water, this spectacular show is what fuels many Tigerfish anglers. No matter what tackle is used, many strikes result in a fish being lost. Tigerfish are predaors that live in shoals.
They will eat a wide variety of fish such as minnows, robbers and in some cases even certain catfish species. Tigerfish can be found near bait groups and fishing near crocodiles can be useful as tigerfish have been known to eat scraps left over by feeding crocodiles. Tigerfish breed in summer waters and the fry are washed down stream when they are protected.

An interesting note on Tigerfish is that their teeth act like shark teeth. Whole rows of teeth can be replaced. An alarming problem with Tigerfish is the ever decreasing population rate. Tigerfish populations are decreasing dramatically and pollution is one of the main causes. Illegal gill netting is also having serious consequences on Tigerfish populations. Tigerfish have never been successfully bred in captivity.

To ensure the survival of this amazing species, anglers need to support catch and release.

Tigerfish Profiles

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Tigerfish - Tigerfish

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