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Galjoen -
Common Name: Galjoen
Other Names: Damba, Blackfish, Black Bream
Scientific Name: Coracinus Capensis

Habitat: This fish mostly keeps to shallow water where it feeds.

Distribution: Galjoen only occur in Southern African waters and this is South Africa's National fish. This fish is most sought after especially along the Western Cape coastline.

Bait: This fish will take white (sand) mussels, wonder worms and small crab, but it's favourite bait is red bait.  

Fishing Strategy: The Galjoen is a strong fighter for its size. It will either take the bait with one bite or toy with the bait.

Eating Quality: The flesh of Galjoen has a bluish tint and is an acquired taste.

  • Light tackle
  • Rod no longer than 2.5 meters
  • 6 - 8 kg line
  • 1/0 or a 1 hook

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