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Kob -
Common Name: Kob
Other Names: Kabeljou, Daga
Scientific Name: Argyrosomus Hololepidotus

Habitat: Kob prefer sandy beaches and bays. They can be found near river mouths and provide an exciting fight.

Distribution: Kob are widely distributed along the South African coastline. Kob is probably the most well known summer angling fish of the Cape and especially in False Bay.

Bait: Kob can be caught on soft baits such as sardine (pilchard) and mackerel. They will also readily take a strip of squid or a prawn. Generally the bigger the bait, the bigger the kob you should catch.

Fishing Strategy: Kob is one of the few surviving shoaling fish so it can be caught in fair quantities.

Eating Quality:
Kob are excellent eating fish, particularly in the southern Cape where it is a sought after table fish. Along the East coast the flesh is often infested with worms, especially Kob caught in warmer waters such as estuaries. The worms are apparently harmless to man provided the flesh is cooked properly.

  • 16kg line (fishing from shore)
  • 37kg line (trolling with live bait)
  • Sturdy Rod about 12ft
  • Long trace +-1.5m when fishing from a boat

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