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Largescale Mullet

Largescale Mullet -
Common Name: Largescale Mullet
Other Names: -
Scientific Name: Liza Macrolepis

Length: Average 35cm

Weight: Average weight of
0.3 - 0.5kg

Habitat: Found in rivers and dams, prefers warmer waters.

Distribution: Widespread throughout South Africa most abundant in Kwazulu Natal and northwards.

Bait: They will eat small shrimp, prawns, worms and other items. Mullet are scavangers and they will eat any floating scraps. This species of mullet enjoys finding its food in the sand.

Description: Grey, silver fish with large scales. Slender fish with a lighter underside.

Fishing Strategy:
Small fish that can be caught on very light tackle.

Eating Quality:

  • Light tackle will make a good fight
  • Small hooks are recommended as the fish has a small mouth

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