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                   Moggel - Image:
Common Name: Moggel
Other Names: Mud mullet
Scientific Name: Labeo Umbratus

Length: 30 - 50 cm in length

Weight: Average weight of 1.2kg

Habitat: This freshwater species prefers shallow pools of water.

Distribution: Moggels can be found in a number of river systems throughout South Africa.

Bait: Mudfish are not fussy eaters and so a number of baits are acceptable such as corn, earthworms, maggots, flying ants, egg and flour dough etc.

Description: This small fish has a soft, meaty look with a grey colour. The underside is a light pink.

Fishing Strategy:
This small fish is commonly caught and used in commercial and subsistence consumption. Light tackle can be used to get a better fight out of the fish.

Eating Quality:
Edible, catch and release is recommended.

  • Very small hooks are required

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