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Nembwe -
Common Name: Nembwe
Other Names: Olyfkurper
Scientific Name: Serranchromis Robustus

Length: 30 - 45 cm in length

Weight: Average weight of 1kg

Habitat: This species prefers channels and lagoon type waters.

Distribution: Zambezi, Swaziland, Kwazulu Natal and upper regions.

Bait: Fish will take any bait that is offered, eg: worms, lure, frogs, small fish etc.
Description: Light green body with a painted dark green stripe along the body inline with the tail. Also has the distinctive markings of red egg spots on anal fin.

Fishing Strategy: The Nembwe is an excellent angling species due to it's bass like characteristics. They will swim around logs and near roots and strike when the opportunity arises. They will strike with aggression and power.

Eating Quality:

  • Light tackle
  • Smallish hook

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