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Pompano -
Common Name: Pampono
Other Names: Moonfish, Threadfin Trevally

Scientific Name: Trachinotus carolinus

Habitat: This fish can be found inshore especially along sandy beaches.

Distribution:  Widely distributed

Bait: The best bait to use is sea lice (see bait). Sea lice is fish's natural diet including other crustaceans.

Fishing Strategy: Pompano are very strong fighters and they will earn their freedom if you are not on top of your game. Make sure you have the ideal tackle and that the drag on your reel has been properly set. Once the fish has been hooked try to keep the line tight. Use the waves to your advantage while trying to land the fish.

Eating Quality: Excellent tasting fish


  • Light tackle should be used
  • Live sea lice works best
  • Beach rod of 4 to 4.5 meters

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