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Red Steenbras

Red Steenbras -
Common Name: Red Steenbras
Other Names: -
Scientific Name: 
Petrus Rupestris

Habitat: Around reefs, depth range of 10m+

Distribution: Found from False Bay to Durban

Bait: This fish is a predator and so it feeds on smaller fish, octopus also form part of the diet. A fillet of skipjack or snoek will attract this fish.

Fishing Strategy: Once hooked this fish will go straight for the bottom and put on a strong fight. As soon as it leaves the deeper water its air bladder will start to inflate in response to the air pressure. When brought to the surface the stomach will be protruding from the mouth.
To release the fish unharmed is a task as you must try not to hurt the fish, some anglers are under the impression that in order to release fish in this condition you must puncture the protruding stomach. THIS IS NOT TRUE!! The fish must be unhooked and then the hook needs to be reinserted through the membrane of the dorsal fin or through the skin of the dorsal fun. Then the fish must be carefully placed in the water taking care not to rip out the hook. Once the fish is on the bottom, the hook can be released by the angler jerking the line (not the rod).

Eating Quality: Red Steenbras is a sought after table fish as the flesh is excellent to eat.

  • 15 - 24kg line
  • Fair size hook
  • Sturdy Rod

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