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Red Stumpnose

Red Stumpnose -
Common Name: Red Stumpnose
Other Names: Miss Lucy (Port Elizabeth), Mighel (Knysna)
Scientific Name: Chrysoblephus Gibbiceps

Habitat: Red Stumpnose are a cooler water species and they stick to places of strong cold currents.

Distribution: This fish has a limited distribution, occurring from the Cape to East London.

Bait: Sea urchins, crabs and small fish will make good bait.

Fishing Strategy: Red Stumpnose are shy fish and you will have to concentrate to know when the bait is being pulled.

Eating Quality: The flesh is soft, juicy and very tasty. When braaied it tastes like rock lobster.

  • 6 - 8kg line
  • Rod with a soft, sensitive tip
  • Use a light sinker
  • Long hook trace with 4/0 or 5/0 hook

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