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Saltwater Fish Profiles

The pages below will give you detailed information on the species of fish that you have selected, including species habitat, recommended bait, fishing strategy, eating quality and more.

Select a species below to view a complete profile on the species including important information such as fishing strategy, recommended tackle, bait, eating quality, distribution, habitat and a full colour picture of the selected species.

Saltwater Species - Fish

Barracuda Picture - Barracuda
Black Marlin - Black Marlin
Blacktail -
Blue Marlin - Blue Marlin
Bronze Bream -
Bronze Bream
Dorado - Dorado
Galjoen - Galjoen
Garrick - Garrick
Giant Kingfish - Giant Kingfish
Karanteen - Karanteen
Kob - Kob
Pampona - Pompano
Red Steenbras - Red Steenbras
Red Steenbras - Red Stumpnose
Sailfish - Sailfish
Shad/Elf - Shad
Spotted Grunter - Spotted Grunter
Striped Marlin - Striped Marlin
Wahoo - Wahoo
Yellowfin Tuna - Yellowfin Tuna

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