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Sharptooth Catfish

Sharptooth Catfish -
Common Name: Sharptooth Catfish
Other Names: Barbel, Skerptand Barber
Scientific Name: Clarias Gariepinus

Length: Has been known to grow up to 2 metres

Weight: Average weight of
6 - 15 kg

Habitat: Sharptooth catfish can be found in slow rivers, swamps, muddy waters, lakes and floodplains.

Distribution: A widespread species, can be found throughout Africa. Located in a number of rivers such as in Southern, Eastern and Western Cape. Internationally they can be found in Israel, Turkey & Lebanon.

Bait: This species as with other catfish will eat a number of bait variants such as rats, lures, worms, dead or alive fish etc.

Description: This fish has a physical appearance of a large, heavy boned, flat headed species. They have pointed teeth and long barbs on their heads. Colour varies from black to a light brown with a light, white coloured underside.

Fishing Strategy:
This species is extremely aggressive and is very strong. Sharptooth catfish have a reputation of pushing anglers and tackle to their limits. Sharptooth catfish can be regarded as freshwater sport fish.

Eating Quality:
Excellent eating

  • Strong, heavy tackle is needed
  • A leader is recommended for this species

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