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Smallmouth Bass

Smallmouth Bass -
Common Name: Smallmouth Bass
Other Names: -
Scientific Name: Micropterus Dolomieu

Length: Up to 65 cm in length

Weight: Average weight of 0.5kg

Habitat: Smallmouth bass are mainly a river fish and they prefer areas that are densely  protected. Colder water is this fishes favourite and they are mainly found in deeper bodies of water with rocky bottoms.

Distribution: Found throughout South Africa namely Western Cape, Kwazulu Natal, Northern Province, Eastern Cape etc.

Bait: Will eat anything that become available and they feed on crabs, frogs, worms, smaller fish and lizards in nature.

Description: Fishes colour fades from the top half of it's body. As with the largemouth bass, this bass has stripes that are dark coloured.

Fishing Strategy:
As with other bass species, largemouth bass like to hide and creep up to bait. They can be found near vegetation,  floating grass, and any other hiding places.

Eating Quality:
Good Eating Fish.

  • Light to Medium tackle
  • Powerful fighting fish

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