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Spotted Bass

Spotted Bass -
Common Name: Spotted  Bass
Other Names: -
Scientific Name: Micropterus Punctulatus

Length: 20 - 60 cm in length

Weight: Average weight of
0.2 - 0.4kg

Habitat: Spottedbass prefer deep, murky waters. They will live in rivers and dams.

Distribution: Found throughout South Africa namely Western Cape, Kwazulu Natal, Northern Province, Eastern Cape etc.

Bait: Will eat anything that become available and they feed on crabs, frogs, worms, smaller fish and lizards in nature.

Description: Fishes colour fades from the top half of it's body. As with the largemouth bass, this bass has stripes that are dark coloured. The spotted bass has dark, diamond colours on its body. A distinctive sign on this particular species is the teeth on it's tongue.

Fishing Strategy:
Hard fighting fish even though they are very small. This species is often misidentified as a smallmouth bass.

Eating Quality:
Good Eating Fish.

  • Light tackle will be rewarding
  • A small hook is recommended
  • Powerful fighting fish

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