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Striped Marlin

Striped Marlin -
Common Name: Striped Marlin
Other Names: Striper, Pacific striper, Barred marlin, Spikefish

Scientific Name: Tetrapturus Audax

This fish is distributed in tropical, sub-tropical and temperate waters of the Indo-Pacific and is normally found in shallow coastal waters of around 90 meters deep. Striped Marlin enjoy open waters and can be found around bait fish.

Distribution:  They swim long distances to migrate, moving towards the equator in winter as it appears that they return to the same sites for spawning. They are densely distributed in the Arabian Sea, Sri Lanka and in the Mozambique Channel, extending to the south-western Cape in summer.

Bait: Can be caught by trolling live bait or by using specially designed lures.

Fishing Strategy: Once hooked this Marlin will run with the line and jump violently. The fight from this powerful gamefish is amazing.

  • Heavy, strong tackle
  • 37kg + line
  • Sturdy boat rod
  • Can be caught by trolling large marlin lures

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