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African Mottled Eel

Mottled Eel -
Common Name: African Mottled Eel
Other Names: -
Scientific Name: Anguilla Bengalensis Labiata

Length: Up to 1.5 metres in length

Weight: Average weight of 2 - 5kg

Habitat: Found in rivers and dams with rocks and caves for hiding.

Widespread from Kwazulu Natal to Kenya waters

Bait: As with other eels, shortfin eels will eat just about anything such as crabs, frogs, earthworms etc.

Description: Light brown colour, mottled black or brown.

Fishing Strategy:
Use strong line, when the eel is hooked it will retreat to any rock or cave. The angler will need to set the hook and keep pressure on the fish to avoid the eel going into a cave. If the eel goes into a cave, then the line will wear on the sharp rocks and break. Extremely large species, care must be taken when landing and handling.

Eating Quality:
Excellent eating

  • Strong line is needed
  • Heavy, strong tackle is needed
  • Be prepared for large, heavy specimens
  • Due to the species large size - care must be taken when handling the fish.

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