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Fishing For Eels

Eels normally live in rocky areas as they hide from predators. Eels feed under the cover of darkness during the night time and they spend the day hiding in muddy pools. Eels will eat a wide variety such as frogs, crabs, insects, worms and small birds if available. Eels have an extraordinary life cycle. They breed in the salt water out at sea and then move into the river when they are older. Males will stay at the mouth of the river while females swim upstream.
Eels have been known to scale dam walls and climb waterfalls. When fully grown, eels will store body fat before returning to the sea to return to the place they were born. After spawning the eel will die.

Eels are hardy freshwater species and this has ensured that their population levels have remained steady throughout the years.

Eel Profiles

For more information on the eel species such as length, weight, pictures, descriptions, and fishing strategy click on the species name below:

Longfin Eel - Longfin Eel
Shortfin Eel - Shortfin Eel
Mottled Eel - African Mottled Eel

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