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Black Marlin

Black Marlin -
Common Name: Black Marlin
Other Names: White Marlin (Japan), Silver Marlin
Scientific Name: Makaira indicus

Habitat: This species of marlin likes to range across the open ocean around bait fish. They can be found along current lines, continental shelf drop off, reefs and shore where warm current is running.  Juvenile black marlins move in schools of similar ages along the coast and around islands.

Bait: Can be caught on any fish, especially tuna, bonito, dolphin fish, yellowtail, squid.  In nature they stun and kill their bait with side to side slashing movements of their bill.

Fishing Strategy: Trawling with large teazers and a hook-less bait can be rewarding, this will attract the attention of the marlin and bring him up to the surface behind the boat.

  • Trolling lures
  • 45kg + line
  •  Sturdy Rod

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