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Fishing For Bass

Bass are very popular species and many anglers cherish the thought of hooking a large bass and having the adrenaline rush of fighting a monster. Internationally, the global market of bass fishing is huge and many anglers have been able to turn professional bass fishermen.

The tackle requirements when fishing for bass vary according to the species that the angler is targeting. A rod of 6 - 7 ft with a medium to light action normally works best. When fishing with lures and other forms of larger baits, then it might be recommended to the increase the size of the rod to get a greater casting distance. Reels that can be used are fixed spool, spin cast and bait casting rods can be used.

The type of line and line strength depends on the species being targeted and where the angler is fishing. Bass are not shy fish, but the thickness of the line can affect the movement of the lure. A rule that can be followed is the thinner the line, but the higher the breaking strength the better. When bass fishing in general, a medium strength line will be suitable. The traditional method of catching bass is by using an in-line spinner, but with today’s  technology there is a large number of new, better methods. Bass will strike with a very hard, violent strike as the fish hits the lure.

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The Biggest Bass are definitely caught at dawn or dusk. Remember - bass love to prey at ambush spots, which seems to offer lots of cover for the baitfish. They like to hide, and then pounce on their prey. These bait fish are most active in the dusk or dawn. When they feeding, the bait fish's guard is down and less aware of threats, So that is when the bass strikes. Fish during these times for the best chances of success. When retrieving an underwater lure in poor light conditions, pull in the lure at a steady pace once it is set in motion. This makes it easier for bass to locate and grab it.

Bass fishing is wonderful and very angler should at least try bass fishing during their angling.

Bass Profiles

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