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Giant Kingfish

Giant Kingfish -
Common Name: Giant Kingfish
Other Names: Jack, Giant Trevally, Karambisi
Scientific Name: Caranx Ignobilis

Habitat: Adults occur individually and inhabit large lagoons and reefs.
Juveniles found in estuaries at depths from 10 – 100m

Distribution: Caught along the coastline of South Africa and well into the central Indian Ocean.

Bait: Live bait such as skipjack, pinky, or a slinger.

Fishing Strategy: The Giant Kingfish is the biggest and most powerful kingfish. This species can have a mass of 50kg and so it is an exceptionally strong game fish with long tiring fights.

Eating Quality: The flesh of smaller Giant Kingfish is very tasty, but avoid overcooking as the fish will become dry.

  • 16kg line (fishing from shore)
  • 37kg line (trolling with live bait)
  • Sturdy Rod about 12ft
  • Long trace +-1.5m when fishing from a boat

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