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If you are planning to store your Tigerfish make sure that your domestic freezers have enough space as you might have a big catch!

Tigerfish -
Common Name: Tigerfish
Other Names: Tiervis
Scientific Name: Hydrocynus Vittatus

Length: 50 - 70 cm in length

Weight: Average weight of 4kg

Habitat: Shoaling species, lives in well aerated, moving waters. Likes warm rivers and lakes. Tigerfish frequent the surface layers while hunting.

Distribution: This species can be found in the Zambezi system and east coast rivers.

Bait: Tigerfish are capable of eating bait that is 40 percent larger than they are. They mainly eat minnows, robbers, specialised lures and have been known to eat catfish.

Description: Beautiful species with a bluish sheen and silver on the species underside. A distinctive characteristic of the tigerfish is the bright colour of red fins.

Fishing Strategy:
Major sportfish such as Tigerfish are equipped with large, sharp teeth and so a thick wire trace is essential. Tigerfish will provide an exciting fish as they shake their heads, jump and perform powerful runs when hooked. Tigerfish are regarded as the hardest fighting freshwater species.

Eating Quality:
Due to low population levels, it is better to release the fish.

  • Wire trace is essential
  • Powerful fighting fish

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