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Fishing For Bream

Bream are a common species that can be easily found when fishing in South Africa. Bream or Tilapia is also called Kurper. Bream live in large shoals and mature specimens can provide a good fight. As with most animals in nature, the male bream have splendid colours with bands and bright colours. Bream can tolerate a wide range of water qualities, but they cannot survive in very cold water. Bream can be found near river mouth can a observant angler will be able to spot small shoals of fry near logs and other floating objects. Most bream will appear to disappear during colder months and this is due to them going to hibernate. During this time the bream will not take lures or bait and so other species should be targeted.

Bream are omnivores and so they will eat a wide variety
of food items. During breeding the bream will build nests and the parents will protect the fry by keeping them in their mouths. This type of breeding is called mouth brooding and they fry will retreat into the mothers mouth when dangers appears.

Bream are a valued species in the freshwater community.

Bream Profiles

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