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Mozambique Tilapia

Mozambique Tilapia -
Common Name: Mozambique Tilapia
Other Names: Mud Bream, Blue Kurper
Scientific Name: Oreochromis Mossambicus

Length: 20 - 45 cm in length

Weight: Average weight of
1 - 1.5kg

Habitat: This species can be found in estuaries with saltwater and freshwater mixed.

Distribution: Widely distributed fish, can be found in most river systems.

Bait: Fish will take any bait that is offered, eg: worms, lure, frogs, small fish etc.
Description: Dark grey to black coloured fish, has a lightly coloured underside of the mouth. As the males prepare for breeding they become dark.

Fishing Strategy: The Mozambique Tilapia is a hardy species and this can make it a hard fish to catch. This fish can be targeted by casting near weeds and vegetation growth.

Eating Quality:
Excellent, but only with larger specimens.

  • Light  tackle

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