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Sailfish -
Common Name: Sailfish
Other Names: Indo-Pacific Sailfish,
Scientific Name: Istiophorus Platypterus

Habitat: Found near land masses and in deep open sections of the ocean, this fish is known to travel great distances to spawn and feed.

Bait: Feeds on small tuna, mackerel, mullet and anchovies
. Can be caught by Trolling strip bait, trolling or drifting live bait mullet, or mackerel.

Fishing Strategy: Once hooked this fish gives you a hard fight as it is a spectacular jumper with very fast surface runs which have been recorded as fast as 113km/h. 

  • Deep trolling baits or lures
  • Xplorer XPSS GT-12 reel
  • RIO Leviathan 500 - Full Floating fly line
  • Strong rod

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