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Deep Sea Fishing

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Finding the fish, there are a number of ways that fish can be targeted or found. With the use of today's advanced technology skippers normally use fish finders and this is a very useful tool on any deep sea boat.

Sea birds often show the way to a shoal of game fish as they will hover around a certain area and this is a sign that there are fish there. The sea birds wait for bait fish to be driven to the surface by the game fish and when the bait fish are in the birds depth they will strike the water and catch a meal.

Game fishing can be tiring if there is no action on the lines so anglers need to stay alert and notice when feeding game fish break the surface by the disturbance of water or when sea birds feeding.

Game Fishing Methods

Game fish can be caught by trolling with lures, trolling baits, drifting baits, or fishing with baits from a boat on anchor and casting lures of a boat. Most gamefish are attracted to lures except when fishing at night such as when targeting broadbill.


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Lure Fishing

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Bait Fishing

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