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Trolling Methods

Deep Sea Trolling -
Trolling is a fishing method that is done by steering the boat at a set pace and towing a line and lure or bait behind the boat. The movement of the boat will give the lure or bait a life like look. Marlin and various other species can be caught by trolling.
How to Troll?

The picture diagrams below will explain how the bait should be hook to give it the right look as if it was alive. Live fish can also be trolled and the diagrams below will also cover how to hook live bait.

It is important to hook the baits right so that the angler can achieve the best results.

Dead Bait Trolling

Dead Bait Trolling -

This is an example of a Brindle rig and it can be used for live or dead bait trolling

Dead Bait Trolling 2 -

This is called the Oval sinker rig and is only used on dead bait or the sinker can be removed and this method used for live bait trolling.

Dead Bait Trolling 3 -
Catalina Rig

Trolling Tips

  • You must use a swivel and make sure it is working properly
  • Trolling without a swivel will result in the line becoming twisted
  • Keep a constant speed, do not go to fast

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